Wednesday, 29 May 2019

3 outfits for Smart Doll.

After creating the sewing pattern (SSP-070) I've added some bits and pieces to the garments I made, and now offer these lovely outfits for your Smart Doll.

Available in my Etsy shop:

I love the whole 70's feel of these sets.  Flared pants, peasant tops and bakersboy hats... one with a hippie headband.

First up is the pink one.   Cali's personal favourite.

Click on the images to take you to the Etsy sales page.



Cass gives the blue the thumbs up.


I really enjoy making belts.   I have some lovely quality pieces of PU leather, and a selection of buckles.  these look great on the jeans.

Hats are fun too, and the little peasant tops are  really pretty on these dolls.

I'm hankering after a dress next.  Smart gals really lend themselves to jeans and pants outfits, but some lovely boho dresses or skirt outfits would look fabulous.


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