Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Lovin' on Smart Doll

I'm loving SO HARD on these girls. 

The newbie arrived today, I've given both Ancient Greek names. 

Cassiopeia - though she much prefers just Cass.  She's kinda tomboyish, as I've said, and a bit serious.

Calista - Cali for short, is far more girlie and not at all SRS. 

Cali likes to upstage Cass, who takes it all in her stride. She'd rather hang in the background anyway.  Ignore the tights, visible under the jeans.  I plan to remedy those soon.

She's so cute.   I've changed her eyes, from the default blue to amber; and given both girls lovely long eyelashes.  I've never been keen on anime or manga, but I've really taken to these lovely dollies.

I'm working on my first Smart Doll sewing pattern, and have made loads of bits and pieces that I'll put together as outfits to list in my Etsy shop.


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