Friday, 3 May 2019

Sewing trousers for Smart Doll.

I've outlined my design process before, but just a quick recap.

What I do is I measure and draft an initial pattern, sew a toile, tweak the pattern accordingly and sew again.  It's a case of rinse and repeat several times.   Sometimes I get it stop on at the first try, sometimes it can take up to seven or eight toiles before I'm happy with the fit.

And I am very. Very. fussy.

Hence this version of my Smart Doll pants/jeans/whatnot is my sixth version.  I like to make shorts when I'm designing trousers, because it wastes much less fabric on failed attempts.  My failed attempts do often fit okay, but I strive more that bit more than okay. So.

(I also add that I hand sew, so a new garment can take a good few weeks to perfect!)

Here's my delightful Cass modelling the trousers, which I've cut as knee-length pedal-pushers.  I'm very happy with these, so will be making full-scale jeans next.  Not my greatest photography, but you can see the fit pretty clearly.

I always find the fit around the doll's bum is the most challenging part of making pants and trews.

These are hipsters, as opposed to the very low-rise jeans I bought with the doll.  I know.  I'm old, and old-fashioned about low rise pants.  But I do know that I wouldn't have worn such totally uncomfortably fitting jeans even when I was a rebellious teenager.

Hence, I've made these as hipsters, which are cut a little higher, and I also have a pattern for medium-rise jeans.   I'm not so old as to want to make belly-warmers though!  Jeans that come right up to the waist are so 80's.

Here are the other five pairs, which I made as shorts, and rejected.  Most are total rejects, but one or two of them are okay to keep just so my own dollies don't have to go naked.

In other news, but on the same lines, I've bought another Smart Doll!  I couldn't resist Sana with freckles.   I've just paid the ransom, so she'll be delivered on Tuesday.  Yay.



  1. They sure have very attractive proportions, no wonder it's fun to sew for them. With great results, perfect fit.

    1. They do indeed! I love sewing for this girl. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Gosh, I just looked at the smart doll website and these gals are huge! I've seen some great sewing for them on flickr so it will be interesting to see what direction your designs go! :)

    1. Yes, they're the size of 1/3 scale BJD. But I love the proportions. The size is a challenge, but it's strange how quickly you get used to it. When I go back to Ellowyne size now... they'll seem tiny!


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