Friday, 10 May 2019

SSP-069: "Mix n' Match" my first sewing pattern for Smart Doll

It's been a blast sewing for these girls.  They're much larger than I'm used to, but the proportions are so lovely, they're a dream to sew for.  For my first Smart Doll sewing pattern, I've come up with my favourite bodysuit/leotard, and a host of other garments, including stain-protecting tights.  Always useful when working with dark or brightly dyed fabrics.

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As always, I devote myself to a fabulous fit.  These leggings and shorts are so well-fitted, that you can make the garments without elastic.  I know some people prefer that extra finish though, so I've given instructions if you do want to use some.

Stretchy stuff is great for all kinds of posing. Cali is looking pretty chilled here.  And comfy. (Belt not included)

These stain-preventing tights can be used to go under jeans and any trousers made of dark or brightly dyed fabric.  They can be made in cotton with Lycra, Lycra fabric, or stretch mesh.  Anything with a good 4 way stretch.

Don't be tempted to use 2 way stretch though, it won't work.

There's something feminine to go under skirts too.  These stockings are great.  And the knee-high socks will help if you have boots with dark insides too.

I love bodysuits, they're so versatile for dolls. Mine come with four sleeve options.

Ready for some dance practice? Ballet, jazz, or tap?

Cali and Cass say hi. Peace out.

Next up will be some jeans for these dollies, and a cute little cropped peasant top.   After that, I have ideas for a skirt and top combo.

In other news, I am now skint. Impoverished. Brassic.  No more dolls for a while.  I'm actually too scared to look at my bank balance!



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