Saturday, 25 May 2019

SSP-070: sewing pattern for Smart Doll, "Retro Vibes".

Being an old hippie, I just love the look of flares, peasant tops and a bakersboy hat... which I think is more usually called a newsboy hat in the USA.   So I've come up with this cool retro ensemble, altering the peasant top to look more contemporary.

And we all know, our smart girls all love to show those sexy midriffs!

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With my usual meticulous attention to fit,  these jeans look great.   The drainpipes can be worn with long boots over the top.  These are what I'd call hipster jeans, and are cut a little higher than the low-rise jeans that Smart Doll make.  I've simplified the fly and pockets from more traditional jeans patterns, and there's no tricksy back yoke, so they're easier to make.

Cali is rocking the hat.  Cass is a tad miffed that she doesn't get one, but at least she's not being forced to wear pink.  I'll make her one in the next few days.

The pattern includes two styles of jeans, the cropped peasant top - which has been a big hit on Facebook, and the Bakersboy hat.

So now I've earned a weekend of art, I'm off to do some messy painting.  Next up in the dolly stuff will probably be a dress for these lovely girls.   



  1. Ooooh, really loving the crop peasant top! Silly question but what's the hole in the doll's back?

    1. Not silly at all. They come with stands that plug into those holes. :)


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