Saturday, 11 May 2019

Three outfits for Smart Doll.

Having made the sewing pattern SSP-069, I now offer three outfits that were made during the process.

These garments are beautifully fitted to the default (small)  bust Smart Doll.   The stretchy bodysuit might fit a medium bust, but I can't guarantee it, not owning a medium-bust doll. So I don't recommend you buy these for a medium, unless you also have a default bust Smart Doll who can wear them.

Available in my Etsy shop: In my new section "Smart Doll Stuff".

The tights are perfect stain preventers, and they go under the darker leggings. The third outfit has lighter leggings, so don't need the tights.

The leggings have great little belt loops, so I made pretty belts to match each outfit.

These bodysuits are just some of my all time faves.  They can go under skirts and jeans too.

Stretchy garments are perfect for really active poses.

Just Chillin'

Just Relaxin'

Just Me

There will be more outfits as I go along :)


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