Wednesday, 26 June 2019

SSP-071: "Hippie Chick" for Smart Doll

Gorgeously boho and hippie garments make up the latest offering from the Raccoon HQ workdesk.   Another really fun pattern.  you can go to town on the psychedelic colours, or tone it down for a more Mori girl look.

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The high waist tunic and dress are easy to alter. you can add another tier for a longer dress, or leave out the bottom tier completely for a different look.

(Yes, templates and instructions for the belt and headband are included.)

The petticoat is designed to peek out under the tunic or dress, but could be made longer, if you like, so it peeks out even more.

And the pants are fab. so easy to make, but they look so cool with the outfit.

Even Cass likes it. Despite all the pinky floweriness...

Next, I feel the need to sew for a smaller doll.  These gals are gorgeous and fun to sew for, but sewing by hand takes much longer!  Maybe something for Little Darling, or Kaye Wiggs MSD.  The dolly world is my oyster.

Why do people say that?  Who even likes oysters?

The world is my doughnut?  Does that work?  Everyone likes doughnuts.



  1. Great outfits! I'd leave off the trousers and just have shorty dresses ;) Your doughnut comment made me LOL so thanks for that, it was sorely needed!

    1. I love the dresses too. They'd look great with fancy stocking tops that showed. LOL. I was laughing at the doughnut thing too. :) Happy to cheer you up, m'dear.

  2. Doughnut works not that I eat them just give me the cake.... I always say the world's my lobster.. not sure why and no I don't eat lobster either or oysters for that matter. Pretty outfits - love the fabrics. Totally lost the dolly mojo.... poor Patience and Ell sat waiting patiently...for new outfits that aren't going to appear anytime soon......:(

    1. Mmmmh cake. Lobster works too, that made me laugh. I think more people like lobster than like oysters. Awww, sorry to hear you lost the mojo. :( Sometimes a good break can work wonders though... and it's not as if your gals don't have a fabulous wardrobe to tide them over!


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