Tuesday, 23 July 2019

"Bohemian Rose" - A special outfit for default bust Smart Doll.

This outfits was started a good few weeks ago, BW.  (Before Wimbledon, heh.)   I worked hard on it to make it just perfect.  there's a ton of lace in this!  I have some beautiful tulle laces and Broderie anglaise that I've been dying to use, and I love the way this turned out.  I even found the perfect main fabric to go with the lace.

Now up for grabs in my Etsy shop:

"Bohemian rose"
£100.00 GBP plus shipping (free shipping to the UK.)

Click on the pictures to go to the Etsy sales page.

Pastel shades like this look gorgeous on the tea coloured dolls, and will also complement the milk skintones nicely.  In fact, I also love pale shades on the very dark skinned gals too. 

The snaps at the back are covered with little pearlescent cabochons.

Love the little silk flowers.  It was painstaking work to sew them on with the tiny bead centres, but the work paid off.  they're around the front of the hatband, and also at the neck of the dress.

A really soft romantic look for Smart Doll, methinks.

And now I really am going to make something for a smaller doll. I have a lovely Boneka which I will list for sale soon, she'll have all her own original stuff, plus a lovely romantic Raccoon's Rags outfit.



  1. Just beautiful! Such gorgeous subtle colours and I'm now wishing I hadn't got rid of my tulle lace but it just seemed so overwhelming for Pips, wouldn't drape right at all - perfect at this scale tho! xx

    1. Thanks Anj :) I found the same thing with Pips. These large girls lend themselves to drape a lot better!

    2. Well there are a couple of people using the tulle lace fpr Pips but it's not flattering, makes her look pregnant (not a good look for any doll in my book!) xx

    3. Oh god yes! I've seen some of those pregnant looking gowns. It's really not a good look!


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