Tuesday, 20 August 2019

SSP-072 "Clever Miss" For 13" Effner Little Darling

I've re-drafted one of my popular patterns for Kaye Wiggs and A Girl for all Time. This one is "Clever Miss"  fitted to Effner Little Darling.  Also, it takes only one simple alteration to fit the bodice to the hard-body Mini Maru dolls... instructions are given for doing exactly that. Seriously, the alteration is really easy.

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As with the other versions, this one comes with two bodice options.  V1 (version 1) has a pretty buttonhole loop and bead fastening at the bodice front:

And V2 has a plain bodice front.

V1 isn't too tricky to contend with, if you follow the careful steps given, but if you're nervous, V2 is probably the best one to try out first.

The backs are the same for both versions.

And the little hat is just adorable. It can be made to match a multitude of outfits.

Next up will be something else for LD.  I've been asked for a Regency pattern by a few people, so might tackle that one next.  We'll see how good I can get the fit, so no promises just yet!


Sunday, 4 August 2019

Not dolly related, but fun.

A kind dolly friend put me onto Redbubble, and as I love designing patterns, and have a hard drive full of them, I've opened a shop there.   I mean I almost don't care if nothing sells. It's free, for a start, and I'm just having a blast playing shop.

I'm such a kid.  Painting, drawing, playing with dolls, playing shop...

Thanks Erica. if nothing else, I'm having so much fun making patterns!

Here's my shop:

I have a few designs listed already, with lots of attached products.  I made a mosaic of my mug designs, because it's so exciting seeing my patterns on the actual goods. 

I... may have bought myself one of them.  Heh.  I tell myself it's just to see what the quality is like.  But we all know that's an huge fib.