Sunday, 4 August 2019

Not dolly related, but fun.

A kind dolly friend put me onto Redbubble, and as I love designing patterns, and have a hard drive full of them, I've opened a shop there.   I mean I almost don't care if nothing sells. It's free, for a start, and I'm just having a blast playing shop.

I'm such a kid.  Painting, drawing, playing with dolls, playing shop...

Thanks Erica. if nothing else, I'm having so much fun making patterns!

Here's my shop:

I have a few designs listed already, with lots of attached products.  I made a mosaic of my mug designs, because it's so exciting seeing my patterns on the actual goods. 

I... may have bought myself one of them.  Heh.  I tell myself it's just to see what the quality is like.  But we all know that's an huge fib.


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