Monday, 14 October 2019

SSP-073: "Regency" Digital sewing pattern for 13" Effner little Darling.

Having had several requests, I've re-drafted one of my popular patterns for Patience to fit Little Darling. This one is "Regency".  It takes only two simple alterations (one for the bodice and one for the armlets) to fit the bodice to the hard-body Mini Maru dolls... instructions are given for doing exactly that. Seriously, the alterations are really easy.

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Instead of making a complicated version with long sleeves, I've added these easy-to-sew armlets.  they can be made to accompany any outfit and are easy to adjust to hard-body Minu Maru.

I've put in a petticoat too, in a similar Regency shape to the dress.  And of course the little bonnet is adorable.

 I love the Holly Hobbie feel that these bonnets give a doll.

I'm not sure what's going to be coming next.  I'll be making another Regency outfit so I have two to offer for sale.  I'm quite into my LD sewing at the moment, so possibly the next pattern will be for her.