Saturday, 4 January 2020

KP-010: Cowl neck dress & Sweater for Kaye Wiggs MSD girls.

I made this cowl neck as a test, but it was so well received on Facebook, that I was asked to produce the knitting pattern for it.  So here it is, as promised.

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This will fit all 3 of the MSD sized Kaye Wiggs bodies.

And can be knitted in a multiple of yarns, as long as it's 4ply.... or if you're in the USA sport weight yarn.

So that's that. 

Next up, I'm working on something feminine and gorgeous for Smart Doll. 



  1. Love these especially the cowl neck and thank you for putting the yarn used I can see I need to try the Scheepjes Our Tribe soon (even if I am on a yarn diet at the moment!) Question for you what knitting needle size does the pattern use? I'm just wondering if I could make the pattern work for Ellowyne by going down a needle size?

    1. Yarn diet made me laugh. I'm on a fabric diet in that case! :) The needle size for this is 2.25mm for the rib, and 3mm for the main body. But for the cowl, I start at 3.25mm needles, then go to 3mm needles, then right down to 2.25mm needles. I'm not sure if it'll work for Ell... but if anyone can make it work, you can!

    2. Thank you - I might give it a go then - I've been using patterns for the PR dolls for Patience recently so I think I might be able to make it work. If it turns out to big for Ell it might fit the AGAT girls - both sadly neglected due to the demands of Patience! I'm trying to finish off what I've started (too many things) before I buy more yarn... it won't last long!

    3. I think it might just fit AGAT, if you go a size larger on the needles for the main body, 3.25mm rather than 3mm. Have sent you your pattern, thanks for buying :) And Happy new decade!

    4. Sorry missed this yesterday. Thanks for the pattern - the AGAT girls are excited I thought going up a size might work for them. I've learnt how to do a thumb cast on (easier than I thought) and I'm all set to have a go. Happy New Decade to you as well!!


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