Monday, 20 January 2020

SSP-074: for Default bust Smart Doll.

This is a favourite style of mine and I've produced similar dresses for several types of doll.  Finally I was able to sit down and make one for the default bust Smart Doll.  these girls are a lovely shape to sew for, and the resulting dress and top are very flattering and feminine.

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I was on such a roll with this one, that I created a little top as a bonus.  It shows off  Cali's sexy midriff nicely.

Here's the long version, on Cass.  She doesn't usually approve of anything too girly, but I think she likes this one.

Cali, of course, prefers the flirty one, with girlie flowers and lace.

These armlets are a great item too.  You can make them to go with different outfits, not just this one.

Next up, I'm having fun with these girls again, so it'll probably be something else for Smart Doll.



  1. What a clever idea to make separate sleeves, this design is beautiful. It gives a lovely, elegant effect!

    1. Thank you! I like the detached sleeves here, because they're less daunting than set-in sleeves, for any novice sewists.


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