Wednesday, 4 March 2020

SSP-075: "Boho Vibes" - Sewing pattern for default bust Smart Doll.

This is an entirely new style from the Raccoon HQ desk.  I've always found skirts for dolls that bit pesky. They ride up, they twist around so the front is at the side, hence, I've always wanted to make a skirt with combined knickers.

...And here it is.

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Both girls (for once) approve of the design.  Cass doesn't think it's too girlie, and Cali thinks it's girlie enough.

If the front lacings look a bit daunting, don't worry!  they are mock ties, and the top actually fastens in back with snaps.  You can use eyelets, or just embroider the lacings in with cross stitch.

I've made this as versatile as possible.  The top can be made without sleeves, and the knickers can be made separately from the skirt.   Knickers are a great addition to any outfit you make, not just this one.

And let's not forget the hat.  It will look cool with numerous outfits.

Here's the clever little skirt.  You can easily make it longer by cutting a deeper ruffle.

Next up... I'm not sure.  I'm adding some pieces to these outfits to list them for sale.   I may try a long summer dress next, or something for a different doll.

We'll see where the muse takes Rufus and me. (He may look happy enough, but he's a tad miffed at me for letting him get dusty and then subjecting him to an under-the-bathroom-tap shower.)


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