Thursday, 4 June 2020

SSP-076: "Summer Vibes" digital sewing pattern for Smart Doll.

At long last!   Lockdown has had my anxiety through the roof, but I have spent the whole time working on something for Smart Doll.  I hope everyone has kept safe, and is coping okay.

I wanted to make a dress to fit all bust measurements of Smart Doll, and I've not only done that, but the dress on its own will fit a number of dolls.  That said, the belt may need lengthening or shortening, and the leggings are designed only to fit Smart Doll - with the best will in the world, I can't create a leggings pattern in one package to fit every doll the dress will fit!  It's a lovely ensemble though, and I'm very happy with it.

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The long dress is cut extra wide and is gathered onto the yoke.  So as long as the yoke sits on the doll's shoulders, and the length is okay, it will fit a lot of differnt dolls. Mostly SD size, but the shorter dress does look cute on my Kaye Wiggs MSD girls.

But of course Smart Doll is the star of this show, so here's Cass and Cali to model:

The clever little Obi style belt could be used on a number of other outfits, not just this one.

The hipster leggings look fab under the shirt dress, and could easily be made with or without the ruffles.

And here's the dess on a few of my other dolls.  I think this dress will fit a lot of different dolls. The belt is  very easy to lengthen or shorten.  My Iplehouse nYID has a bust size of 26.2cm, and the long dress is roomy on her.  The short dress is cut with even more room in it.

I just love sewing for Smart Doll.  The next pattern will probably be for her too.  I'm kind of addicted.  But fear not, I will definitely be picking up my other lovely girls in the future.


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