Patience & Kaye Wiggs mini

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Raccoon's Rags at Etsy: (EU customers will be charged VAT by Etsy. Non EU customers will be unaffected.)

Email  for any enquiries 

Or here on the blog sales pages: (below)

You can add patterns to your PayPal cart and pay for one or more in one go.

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After payment, I will email the files to you directly.  Please allow me 24 hours to email the files.  I live in the UK, and for overseas customers, if I'm asleep there is sometimes a delay.  Usually I can email the files straight away or at least within 12 hours.

 (As this is a direct sale, I don't have to charge VAT to EU customers, so your patterns will be VAT free.  I have changed to this system so that EU customers can now buy directly from my Blog, which they couldn't in the past.)

Other stuff: 

The downloads you receive will contain the instructions and pattern pieces in either U.S. Letter size (USL) and European A4, depending on which country you are in and what paper size is most common there.

(Under British law, I do not make the required level of turnover that legally obliges me to charge VAT, so I am not VAT registered. The unfair EU VAT rules should be changing for the better in early 2018, where tiny businesses like myself will be under the legal turnover threshold.)

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